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15 Real life Stories of Women who Share their Journey
from Killer Breasts to Explant & Beyond


My Silent Suffering - From victim to victor!

I got implants in 2001 after ending an abusive marriage, my self-esteem was at an all time low. They gave me more confidence, but I started having rashes on my chest immediately, and over 50 symptoms, I felt like I was going to die. After removal I felt amazing and FULLY HEALED!


Removing Conditioned Femininity

When I got them, I thought I finally tapped into my power, felt beyond confident, sexy and magnetic. The last 2 years I felt like I was turning into an old woman – horrible health effects. I have no regrets but I would encourage my younger self to think ahead about possible costs & complications.


I have something I got to get off my chest!

Implants helped me as a single mom create more income dancing. It was a business decision and lasted 11 years. I knew they were not healthy, but avoided the research as to why. Post explant I feel Magical! Like taking off a pair of permanent stilettos. Back and neck pain gone…


Breast Implant Illness: My Journey of Self-Discovery

I learned as a young girl it was important to have large breasts. Later in life as a bodybuilder, I sought out to achieve that “look”. It wasn’t love at first sight but I learned to love them. Within 6-9 months, a long list of symptoms developed including stage 4 endometriosis, parts removed and possible infertility. Post explant, all symptoms resolved and combined with mindset work, this journey taught me who I am and how I should be living.


Understanding the purpose behind the pain

My husband is a “boob-man” and I wanted to feel sexier in the bedroom. I loved how they looked, they were gorgeous. When symptoms started I went to every doctor to get answers, everyday there was a new “symptom”. I started planning my funeral because I thought I was going to die. Post explant. I have reclaimed my health for good.

These women are proof you can feel, look and live your 'Breat Life Ever' Beyond the Breast Implants!


On the other side of Toxic Beauty, I discovered my Natural Beauty…then moved to Sedona, AZ to celebrate the splendor of God’s Beauty! Now my mission is to help you connect to your own!

Want to take your Killer Breasts to the Next Level, my Natural Beauty Queen sister?

I invite you to invest in yourself with my program, for a more intimate experience along your journey.

How valuable would it be to have a coach guiding you along every step of the way?

There are far too many details, questions and moving pieces in your body that deserve better than simply explanting, which is Step 1 of your healing path, but not the last.

NO Woman enduring Explant should be without this, it is the EXACT template I followed from Silicone Suffering to Self Love Sovereignty.

It took me years to gather this research, trial and error, making mistakes, taking risks, figuring out the best way, and wasting unnecessary time, money and energy that you won’t have to… and it can be yours with just one click